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How to Become a Christian





Faith is not believing that Jesus Christ lived in history. It is no mere mental assent to historical facts. Neither is faith some dim, vague hope for God to help you through life.

What is faith? The word means to rely or rest. To go to heaven you have to rely or rest on something. On what must you rely to go to heaven? You must trust Christ’s death on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins.7 This means you bar trust in anything else.8 You cannot rest in the cross plus good works, the cross plus baptism, the cross plus joining the church, or the cross plus anything.

To trust in the cross plus anything else is to not trust the cross. That means you are trusting yourself to go to heaven. It is only partial trust. You only partially rely on the cross. You are resting on the golden rule, or whatever you lean upon and the cross. This is not Bible faith.

Bible faith is total change of mental attitude from trusting anything else to resting on the cross to take away every sin you have committed or ever will commit. You must rely on what Christ did; that is, He suffered for your sins. When you do that God declares you as good as Himself.9


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