Matthew 6:11

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Give us this day our daily bread.
 Give us this day our daily bread.
An element of prayer is personal petition. The word “daily” only occurs here and Luke 11:3 in the New Testament and conveys the idea of “sufficient for today.” This is a prayer for basic needs.
PRINCIPLE: Believers are to live one day at a time.
APPLICATION: Believers are to live one day at a time. We cannot allow insecure thought patterns to get us down. God provides for what we need, nothing more, and nothing less. It does no good to worry about the future of our job or business. God has never been unfaithful to us and He will always be faithful.

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  • Adesugba charles

    Where does vision comes in if we as believers focus only on daily living?please throw more light sir

  • Adesugba, this passage must be interpreted in its present context. This verse says nothing about future vision in terms of trusting God to meet our present needs. However, even if we have a vision of what God might do with us in the future, we still must trust Him for that.

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