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VERSE-BY-VERSE COMMENTARY with Dr. Grant C. Richison exposes the mind of God to the mind of man by expounding individual books of God’s Word verse-by-verse.

Each study expounds a passage, forms a principle out of that passage, and shows how to apply that principle to your life. We recommend that you actively apply the principle to your life throughout each day to develop personal maturity. By applying principles of the Word daily, the believer will reach the status of edification construct (maturity).


1. Go to Navigate Directly to a Passage in the upper right column.

2. After box pops up, select a book of the Bible.

3. After another box pops up, select a verse from Bible book you chose.

NEW EXPOSITION BOOK:  Hebrews is our current book and is in the process of editing.  


Almost 200 articles,

Almost 4,800 verse-by-verse studies,

About 10,000 free pages of material!

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Editor of Verse-by-Verse Commentary: Deb Elkink

Deb is a writer and award-winning novelist ; see her books here.

My book, Certainty, A Place to Stand, won Book of the Year in apologetics

Your long hours, hard work and faithfulness to your call have been rewarded with a First Place, National TWG (The Word Guild) Award for your book Certainty, A Place to Stand, in the Apologetics / Evangelism category. 
Diane Roblin-Lee, byDesign Media

 Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society
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Endorsements for Certainty, a Place to Stand

No one thinks more clearly than Grant Richison about matters of Biblical authority, truth and certainty.  Here is a firm place to stand, a logical analysis of how far we have drifted and where we should be.  I commend this book to you to stretch your thinking and find a firm anchor for your faith.”
Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer
Senior Pastor, The Moody Church
“In a day when the evangelical trumpet is making an uncertain sound, every Christian leader needs to read this book.  It shows the need to be anchored to the Rock in our efforts to be geared to the times.  At no time in our generation has there been a greater need and a clearer call to return to a surer foundation than that which is laid for our Faith.”
Dr. Norman L. Geisler
Professor of Apologetics
Veritas Evangelical Seminary
Murrieta, CA
“Beginning with precise definitions of pertinent terms, Dr. Richison launches his survey of contemporary and subtle threats to the Christian message in the world today. His rich background as a pastor, theologian, and international leader provides a much-needed and relevant perspective on imprecise and dangerous teachings confronting believers and threaten their understanding of the Gospel. His “watchman on the wall” clarion call is a must-read for Christians everywhere.”
Dr. William E. Nix
President, The Electronic Bible Society
Dallas, TX USA
Adjunct Professor of Historical Theology
Veritas Evangelical Seminary
Murietta, CA

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Telephone: 540-456-7111

Advancing Indigenous Missions
Address: 235 Princess Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1L9

Phone 204.957.8784

Praise for Verse-by-Verse in Logos Format

Grant is passionate about understanding God’s Word and making it relevant to our lives. He is a man of integrity who practices what he teaches.
Steve Douglass, President of CRU
(formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, International)

Using sound verse-by-verse exposition Dr. Richison extracts biblical principles that are applied to practical Christian living.
William E. Nix, Ph.D., President of the Electronic Bible Society

Grant Richison has given all pastors and teachers a new tool to mine the wealth of truth in God’s Word. I have always been a proponent of working “smarter not harder” because of the stewardship of my time. When I used “Verse by verse” it literally cut my research time by more than half, not to mention the fact that Dr. Richison has provided access to resources well beyond the volumes on my shelves! While the Word we proclaim never changes, Dr. Richison has provided a new and wonderful tool for our study of it! I believe every serious student of the scriptures who is looking for a portal through which he can have all the necessary resources literally at his fingertips will love Verse by Verse!
David Uth, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida