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“That you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world


The third standard for overcoming schism among believers is becoming children of God in character. Before our testimony can be effective, we must behave like “children of God.”

“that you may become . . . children of God”

The word “become” means to become something that we were not before. This passage says that we are to become children of God. Paul is speaking here to the Philippian church. How can children of God become children of God? The point is that the child of God should act like a child of God. He should be conscious of who he is. He should be aware of his image. “I am a child of the King! I do not have to fuss and fume with other Christians.”

Royalty does not put its feet upon the dinner table. A child of God does not do battle with other children of God. “I have no time for petty things.” Life is too short of engaging in a running battle with another Christian.


To overcome hostility among Christians, we must understand and act upon our identity as children of God.


This is an identity issue. We usually act by how we deem ourselves. If we think of ourselves as children of God, we can anticipate how our identity reflects our actions. Everything I do reflects on King Jesus, the Lord of glory. “I must comport myself as a child of the King. There is work to be done; there are souls to be saved.” We do everything we do as a child of God without murmuring, disputing, griping; we do it brightly, wholeheartedly, enthusiastically.