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“Who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself.”


We see the second description of our body in eternity in the second verb—”conformed to His glorious body.”

“that it may be conformed”

“Conformed” is to have the same form as (cf. Ro 8:29, where Romans uses this same term as spiritual conformity into the image of Christ). After Christ transforms the earthly appearance of our body, it will “conform” to the body of Christ. Our body will correspond to the resurrected body of Christ. Then the regenerated person’s body will truly reflect his status with Christ.

Our bodies will change, but people will recognize us. We will be recognizable, just like the disciples recognized the Lord Jesus’s resurrected body after the resurrection. In heaven, people will recognize us.

“to His glorious body”

This is the body of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. Jesus is glorified in His resurrection body. Our body will be like His resurrection body. Our original body is not permanent, but our glorified body will be permanent. Our original body falls apart. Health diehards try to slow the process down, but they only blunt the process. The process is inevitable. If your genes are in the orb of a Rolls Royce, then you may live a few more years than others—but only a few. If your genes are in the sphere of a Ford, then you may have to replace parts sooner than others! (I should have said “Chevy” because I drive a Ford!) Even the best bodies wear out. But by grace, we will receive a body that will never wear out.

We are only in this temporary body to fulfill a plan while we are on earth. Once that mission is fulfilled, then God will promote us to heaven in a glorified body. If disease has attacked your body, remember that there will be “no more pain” in eternity. There will be no ache or pain, or limitation there. Pain is only temporary in God’s economy.

“according to the working by which He is able to subdue all things to Himself”

The word “working” indicates effective working. God will effectively bring all things under the authority of Christ in His resurrected body. The New Testament always uses this term of supernatural working in the New Testament.

The words “according to” mean according to a standard. God works according to His own standard. God’s standard devised a human body for eternity that is perfect. We do not receive our glorified body by our standards. We do not get a body according to how well we lived on earth. It is not according to the standard of merit. If we had to merit our glorified body, it would probably hunch over with arthritis!!

The subjecting power is that of Christ. He will subdue “all things” to Himself. Elsewhere the Father subdues all things to the Son (1 Cor. 15:25).

“Subdue” is a military word meaning to bring under the command of the proper authority. “All things” is the entire universe. King Jesus will bring the whole universe under His command. Then He will be King Jesus, King of the world. He will reign in all His sovereignty.


Our bodies will conform to the resurrected body of Christ at the first resurrection.


Christ is glorified in His resurrection body. We also will be glorified in our resurrection body. Our bodies will match our souls in heaven. Our soul will stand free from sin and the effects of sin. We will have a body to match!