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“For even in Thessalonica you sent aid once and again for my necessities.”


Other churches contributed to Paul’s ministry while he was in their area. The Philippian church contributed after he left for other parts of the world. They had a heart for missions anywhere.

“For even in Thessalonica” 

Paul fled Philippi for his life. He traveled on the road Via Egnatia 92 miles to Thessalonica (Acts 17:1-9). There he received financial gifts from the Philippians.

The Philippians were prompt in their generosity. The word “even” indicates that the Philippians sent the gifts shortly after he left Philippi (Acts 17:1).

Wealth does not make a giver. The Thessalonican church was wealthy but did not meet Paul’s financial needs. The city of Thessalonica was larger and wealthier than Philippi. They were wealthy and active but had no vision for missions.

“you sent aid once and again”

The words “once” and “again” emphasize repetition in the Greek. They sent money on more than one occasion. This is an acknowledgment of Paul’s warm reception of their gifts.

This is remarkable because he was in Thessalonica for only a brief time. They were aggressive in their giving! They kept track of the needs of their missionary.

“for my necessities”

The donations were earmarked for Paul’s needs. Evidently the Philippian church was the only church at this time that recognized that Paul had a stomach as well as a soul. Other churches no doubt prayed for him, but the Philippian church supported him financially.

Apparently the Philippian gift was not enough to meet Paul’s needs. He worked for a living at tent making while in Thessalonica (1 Th 2:9; 2 Th 3:7-9).


Giving is a matter of the heart, not capacity.


Do you have a heart for those without Christ? Do you have enough heart to affect your wallet or purse? What is your capacity? Does your capacity and your heart match your giving pattern? Do you have enough heart for missions that it may cost you something?