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“And my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”


“according to his riches in glory” 

God would supply their need according to the standard of His own wealth. The words “according to” mean according to the norm or standard. The standard is the limitless wealth of God in eternity. God gives out of the capital of His grace in eternity.

God would supply their need not “out of” His riches but “according to” His riches. God will supply riches in ratio to His personal wealth. If I have two million dollars and you asked me for two hundred dollars, and I gave you the two hundred, I would give out of my two million, not according to my two million. I would not give in ratio to my two million.

God does not operate on human standards. We cannot bribe God. Some people want fame, wealth, or a beautiful girl. They feel that if they give, God will give them what they want. They treat God like a genie. God, however, does not operate on a barter system. The Philippians did not approach God like that. They gave out of love for the Lord and Paul.

God guarantees to supply all needs of those who faithfully give to the cause of Christ. God will dispense (“supply”) riches in abundance.

Note the contrasts in this passage: “You met Paul’s need; I will bless you according to My riches. You supplied one of My needs; I will supply all of your needs. You supply out of poverty; I will dispense out of My riches in glory. You supplied by the hand of Epaphroditus; I will supply by Christ.”

“by Christ Jesus”

God administers His supply to the giver through Jesus Christ.


What God gives corresponds with His capacity.


God meets the believer’s financial status, not “out of” His wealth, but “according to” His wealth.

Do you believe that God’s reimbursement to you will be commensurate with His eternal riches? Do you believe that God will reward you according to that which befits His wealth? This passage is a promise that God will reimburse you on a scale worthy of His wealth.