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“strengthened with all might, according to His glorious power, for all patience and longsuffering with joy;”
The second phrase for power in this verse is “according to His glorious power.”
“according to His glorious power”
“Power” is the word for overcoming resistance. This word is only used of God in the New Testament. Of the number of words for “power” in the New Testament, this word means manifested power. This power is measured by the might of God. God’s “glorious power” speaks of the manifestation of his essential being. This is the power that God declares to us when he reveals himself to us.
The words “according to” express the measure of the supply of power. God apportions this power to the believer, not merely according to his need, but according to the supply of God.
“His glorious power” is the power of his glory (Eph. 1:18-23; 3:16; 6:10). This may mean according to his grace. God does not give according to our weakness but according to his glorious power. We have patience and longsuffering according to the might of his glory (literally). God’s glory will manifest what he can do about our endurance of problems and our temper with people. God himself will fortify us against the attacks of Satan. Not only does the power of God help us but his “glorious” power enables us to live the Christian life. Spiritual life needs spiritual strength. We need more than spiritual support.
There is much talk about power in evangelical circles today. The biblical emphasis is upon power for “endurance” and “longsuffering.” We are strengthened with “all power” and “according to his glorious power.” It takes God’s power to endure circumstances and to be longsuffering with people. Our natural proclivity is to become easily upset at our fate or at people. God’s power is important for countering this tendency.
God provides divine enablement for any issue of life.
God makes us powerful with his might. When a spiritual crisis rages about your life, do you draw upon God’s power? The strength of your spiritual life will be tested when life becomes grim with tragedy, sickness, surgery or death.