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“As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him”


This verse begins a practical antitoxin to deal with seducers. It is not enough to warn against desertion from Christ; the Christian must advance in his daily life of faith.

“As you have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord”

The word “therefore” marks the transition from the doctrinal to a practical challenge.

“Received” means to welcome what is brought or delivered by others. It means to receive truth by transmission from someone else. It is the Word of God that transmits truth about Christ.

When we became a Christian, we welcomed the doctrine of Christ; we took Jesus in every relation and capacity; we received the person himself. We believe what he did on our behalf. The doctrine concerning Christ is sufficient to meet any contingency in the Christian life. Our full reception of the doctrine of Christ is the only proper safeguard against deceit. The challenge to receive Christ Jesus the Lord is an appeal to persist in the truth.


We become a Christian by faith in Christ’s death to provide forgiveness for our sins.


Has there been a time when you personally welcomed Christ as your Savior? You may say, “Well, I do not know whether I have or not.” We cannot marry and not know it! We cannot receive Christ and not know it. We either have received Christ, or we have not.

Many people say, “I suppose I’m a Christian; I hope I am.” Do you know for sure that you have decided to receive Christ? No one in their right mind would say, “I think I’m married. I hope I’m married. I suppose I’m married. I don’t know.” If someone asks you, “Have you received Jesus Christ’s death to forgive your sins?” you may say, “I am not sure.” Then you are not a Christian. When the minister asks, “Will you have his man to be your husband?” you answer, “I do.” When someone asks you, “Will you have this man Christ Jesus to be your personal Savior?” you either say, “I do” or “I won’t.” If you say, “I do,” he will forgive you immediately of all sin, past, present, or future.