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“rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, as you have been taught, abounding in it with thanksgiving.”


Paul mixes his metaphors in this verse — the metaphor of a tree and a building. Both metaphors convey the idea of stability.

Three statements about how our faith strengthens us show the stability of life in Christ.


The first statement as to how faith strengthens us is we are “rooted in him.” The word “root” means to cause to take root. The Greek indicates that it is God who causes us to take root. The first metaphor of stability in our Christian walk is that our faith is rooted like a tree by God.

“Rooted” is an idiom for strength with a focus upon the source for strength. The Greek indicates that the Christian who is strong in faith is made to strike roots deep in the ground. As a tree roots itself in the ground, God causes us to take root in Christ.

We cannot stabilize our lives in Christ until, by faith, we recognize that our root is in him. A tree’s roots go deep into the soil and draw its nourishment from the ground.

The tense of the word “rooted” means that we were rooted in the past with the result that we remain rooted in the faith. The root may refer to our reception of Christ as Savior. This metaphor may refer to the idea that Christ provided salvation eternally for us. Once we come to know him, we are rooted in him forever.


Our faith cannot strengthen until we root ourselves deep into the person and work of Christ.


There are ongoing results from sound teaching about Christ. Christ is nourishment to the growing, vital tree of Christian living. A Christian must have deep roots in Christ if he is to produce fruit. The mature Chrisian roots deep in Christ like a tree in the ground. He is the source of our life and strength. Stability comes from Christ.