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“For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily”


The word “dwells” means to indwell permanently. We now see what universally indwells Christ.

“all the fullness of the Godhead”

The “fullness” is defined by the word “Godhead.” “Godhead” does not mean mere divine qualities but the very essence of God. The term “fullness” connotes that of which a thing is whole. It refers to a total quantity, emphasizing completeness–full number or measure, totality.

“Fulness” means that the totality of the Godhead lives permanently in Christ. Jesus Christ is completely God. He is exactly what God is, all-knowing, everywhere present, sovereign, omnipotent. All reality derives from him. 

The Godhead of Jesus Christ means that he exists in the nature or state of being God. “Godhead” means “deity, divine nature, divine being.” In the Son, all the fullness of absolute Godhead dwells. He is absolute God. We must distinguish the word “Godhead” from “divinity.” There is another Greek word that connotes “divinity.” He is more than mere divinity. He is more than holding characteristics like God; he is God.


Jesus Christ is God almighty.


Christ is God’s true wisdom; whoever has Christ has God. Whoever desires to have more than Christ wants to have more than God. We do not examine the world to find Christ; we study Christ to view the world. How high is your view of Jesus Christ? Do you understand him as God almighty or as a glorified man? If so, your starting point of belief begins with a universal, not with a finite perspective.