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“and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.”


Paul continues his emphasis on the sufficiency of Christ for the believer. This section begins with the results of the believer’s association with Christ. The first result is that we are “complete in Him.

and you are complete in Him”

We can translate this phrase as “you have come to fullness of life.” The emphasis in Greek is upon the abiding results of our position in Christ. The believer permanently holds that position before God from the moment of his salvation.

The words “are complete” come from the same root as the word “fullness” in verse 9. “Fullness” here is an obvious reference to Christ’s fullness. Christians have been filled out of Christ’s fullness–” all the fullness of the Godhead” lives permanently in Christ. This verse says that God has given believers fullness in him. Our fullness of life comes from Christ’s fullness (John1:16). We need no outside help from any other source. We need no supplementary wisdom.

Every Christian at the moment of salvation receives this fullness. “Fulness” is God’s estimate of us. God views us as pardoned and as righteous as Christ is righteous. We are with him in his life, sonship, heirship, glory, and merit. God accomplishes this at the moment of salvation, and it remains valid until we stand in the presence of God. We do not receive Christ on the installment plan. We receive a complete Savior and complete results of our salvation at the moment we come to know him. We may appreciate him more as we grow in him; however, we do not receive more of him.

“In Him” means in union with Jesus Christ. This union is the believer’s position before God. As God views us, he looks at us exactly like he would look at Christ–perfect. We are not perfect in our experience, but our position or status quo before God forever. We share his fullness. From God’s viewpoint, nothing is wanting in us because of Christ. Jesus fully meets every demand of God for us.


When we understand our position before God in Christ, we are free to glorify the Lord. 


Security allows the believer freedom to relate to God. If we have everything we need before God in Christ, why should the Colossians turn to Gnostic philosophy? Why should Christians today run after every wind of doctrine? Christ’s provision is true for every Christian, no matter what their living experience may be like. Jesus Christ is our substitute not only at the point of salvation but as an ongoing status before God. We stand judicially right before God forever. God’s estimation of us is equivalent to his estimation of Christ. God identifies us with him in everything.