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“In which you yourselves once walked when you lived in them.”


In which you yourselves once walked

The Colossians characteristically committed the five sins of verse 5 before they became Christians.  That is why it is crucial to “put them to death.”  It is imperative that Christians kill, not wound, immorality and covetousness in their lives.

when you lived in them 

Those were the days Christians walked in the “will of the Gentiles” (I Pet. 4:3).  Living in sin was our thought pattern and behavior pattern


It is difficult to walk in the presence of evil and not fellowship with it.


It is as difficult to walk across the gumbo mud of the Red River Valley without it sticking to our feet as it is to walk in the presence of evil and not sin.  The course of life we chose will determine the patter of life we live.  If we walk with those who practice the sins of verse 5 there is a great chance we will revert to those sins again. 

We are no longer what we once were.  We have come to fellowship with Jesus the Lord.  That is why sin does not dominate us anymore (Rom. 6:14).  We have a new life and therefore new power.

Christians sin but it is like the difference between falling down on the deck of a ship and falling overboard.  There is a big difference between falling into sin and living in sin.  That is the difference between sheep and swine.  Sheep may fall into the mud but they get out as fast as they can.  Mud is adverse to his character.