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“And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men”


“as to the Lord”

Doing our work “as unto the Lord” sets our employment apart as eternal work. Our true boss is the Lord. We work for Him. This gives our work eternal dignity. The Lord is the motivation for our service.

“and not to men”

God wants us to view our employment from an eternal viewpoint. 


God is our ultimate employer.


We do not do our job unto the Lord when we take miserable attitudes to work or make noises like we are unhappy with the boss and environment. We do not serve the Lord when loafing when the boss is not looking. We do not serve the Lord when we undermine another employee to get him into trouble with his boss so we can have his job. We want to move up, so we drop a little negative note about him into the suggestion box.

When the boss comes around, we patronize him. Licking the boss’s boots is not the best way to serve the Lord. Kicking people in the teeth below you is not the best way, either! Scripture does not recommend these things!

If we keep God in view in everything we do at work, we honor God at our place of employment.