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“That I may make it manifest, as I ought to speak.”


“That I may make it manifest”

“That” introduces a purpose clause. We are about to hear the purpose of Paul’s life.

“Manifest” means make clear or bring to light. Paul wanted to expose the gospel in such a way that people can see it clearly. He wanted them to pick it up in a hurry. He wanted to make it plain. He wanted the Praetorian Guard chained to him to see the gospel so clearly that there would be no mistake about the gospel message. He wanted the ability to communicate the gospel in simple terms.

Paul’s concern was that he would not share his faith as he ought. He wanted to make the gospel clear, not tiptoe around the message so that no one could pick up the true meaning. He wanted to declare his wonderful message clearly.


God is calling us to make the gospel clear to those he brings across our path.


We should begin our day with the prayer, “Lord, open doors for me to share the gospel. Bring people who need you across my path. Help me not to bungle the job. Please give me the courage, and may I not play the coward. Help me to make it clear. Put a divine imperative upon me.”