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Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.”


“Let your speech always be with grace”

“Grace” in this context means winsomeness or graciousness (Col 3:16). God wants us to carry on a conversation of courtesy appropriate to the particular people involved. This is wise communication (v.5) of pure, bright, and constructive talk.

“Grace” speech does not imply that a Christian is always to be agreeable. The sense here goes beyond that. The word “grace” in secular Greek represented something charming or gracious. Whatever we say, it must be characterized by the grace of Christ (Lk 4:22). A spiritual appeal lives in the person influenced by the grace of Christ.


Speech is a test of a soul influenced by the grace of Christ.


Speech tests our approach to life. It was said of Peter, “Your speech betrays you.” Speech does not only indicate nationality, but it is an index of character.

God expects us to approach people on their approachable side. Our style of talk can make a difference. This is far more than human charm. It is speech that reflects the grace of Christ in our lives. God wants us to be pleasant but firm in what we say to those without Christ.

Are you easy to live with? Do you antagonize people rather than win them?