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“And say to Archippus, ‘Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.'”


“which you have received in the Lord”

All true ministry is “received in the Lord.” It comes from God’s appointment and leading. A person does not get into the ministry because he is holier than anyone else. You will never believe this, but it is true. A true minister does not go into some secret sanctuary where the touch of the world never quite reaches him. He does not go into the ministry because he is sheltered. 

The reason anyone is in ministry is because of the grace of God. We tend to put a pastor on a pedestal. Every minister is also a member of the human race – if they are a normal person! He is no monastic who lives in a hypothetical, esoteric, abstruse life on cloud 30. He is a very ordinary person like anyone else. He has a gift from God by grace, and that is it.

“that you may fulfill it”

Paul also challenged Archippus to complete his ministry. God expects pastors to fulfill or complete their ministry.


Ministry-wise, God expects us to finish what we start to do.


God gives every single Christian a ministry to equip the saints (Eph. 4). God expects us to carry on the work of ministry. God does not only want us to meet to worship and learn. He wants us to leave something behind.

Do you want to accomplish all that God has designed for you? (Phil 3:12)