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“This salutation by my own hand—Paul. Remember my chains. Grace be with you. Amen.”


This verse is Paul’s specific salutation.

“This salutation by my own hand—Paul.”

Paul dictated the Colossian letter to someone else, and they wrote it down. We call this person an “amanuensis.” Paul writes the salutation of Colossians by his own hand (cf. 1 Cor. 16:21; Gal. 6:11; 2 Thes. 3:17; Phile. 19).

The salutation by Paul’s hand is an indication of its authenticity. It may also indicate that he had poor eyesight and needed a secretary to write most of the epistle.

“Remember my chains.”

Finally, Paul made a request for himself. It might do well for us to remember his chains today. He was hounded and oppressed in most cities where he ministered. He spent many months in several jails. We should give thanks to God for the contribution this man made to Christianity.

This is probably a prayer request.

“Grace be with you”

“Grace” means God bestows benefits. This prayer is that God will confer His daily operating grace upon the Colossians.

In every epistle Paul wrote, he closed the same way – emphasizing the grace principle. It was his spiritual trademark (2 Thes. 3:17,18).


“Amen” means “I believe it,” Paul affirms that daily operating grace is necessary for a consistent Christian walk.


We need grace daily to live the Christian life.


Do you think that things are going hard for you? Think of what Paul faced in his life for the cause of Christ. “Whenever you become discouraged or disillusioned, think of me in my chains. Remember that I am a living example of daily drawing upon grace from God.”

Are you daily drawing upon the grace of God?