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“As newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby.”
desire  the pure milk of the word
The word “desire” means to desire earnestly, to fix the desire upon. This word stresses the inward impulse rather than the object desired. It comes from two words: upon (used intensively) and passion. The New Testament uses “desire” for things good or bad. Desire carries two ideas: to long for, lust after (Acts 20:33; Rom. 7:7; 13:9).
Longing for the Word is a sure manifestation of spiritual life. The Word strengthens the believer so that he can improve and grow strong in the Christian life. The condition for growth is desire. This is an intense and recurring desire (Ps. 42:1; Ps 119:174). 
It is not enough to desire the Word. We need to desire the unadulterated Word of God. God does not want us to desire just anything about the Word. He wants us to desire the unadulterated Word of God. Make sure it is the pure Word of God, not some convoluted distortion by a wild-eyed Christian. 
Desire is to long, yearn. This is a strong word for intense yearning. God wants us to intensely long for God’s Word. The Christian’s thirst for life in God should be as strong and instinctive and health-giving as the baby’s appetite for the mother’s breast. This is a sure sign you have fallen in love with the Lord. Loss of appetite for the Word is a sign of spiritual sickness. 
The condition for growth is desire.
Evidence that a person has been born again is that they have a hunger for the Word of God. We live in a day when people put little priority on the Word of God. They do not long for it; they do not hunger for it. Little knowledge of the Word goes a long way for many. One of the characteristics of a child of God is that they have not only fallen in love with the Son of God but the Word of God as well. Has the Word become your soul food? 
A new Christian must begin on the milk of the Word because they cannot digest the solid food of the Word. All they can understand at the beginning of their Christian life is the simple things of the Bible. As they grow, they understand things that will move them into maturity.