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For this is commendable, if because of conscience toward God one endures grief, suffering wrongfully.”
one endures grief
“Endures” means to hang in there. Literally, it means to bear under. The principle is that we are able to get under a heavy load and carry it. This is a person who is strong. This means that we are able to handle disasters without breathing hard. 
 “Grief” means to cause pain, to distress, grieve. This is pain of the mind here. It is anything that causes sorrow. Grief is a state of unhappiness marked by regret – unhappiness, sadness (Lk. 22:45; II Cor 9:7). It means to become so overcome with grief as to despair – grieve to the point of giving up (II Cor. 2:7). 
God gives us the ability to carry grief over a long period of time by the norms he gives us.
Where do we get the ability to carry grief? The standards (principles) of the Bible. The Bible sets up standards in our conscience so whenever heartache comes along we have norms to handle them. We know what God is like. We can appropriate his promises. Therefore, we do not fall apart and move into panic palace.