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“Rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God.”


which is very precious in the sight of God

“In the sight of God” means in what God values. God honors a woman who is oriented to grace and is settled in her soul. God values a woman who is beautiful on the inside. 


A benefit of a “gentle” and “quiet” spirit in a wife is that she beautifies her soul in the eyes of her husband and God. 


Are you a beautiful woman on the inside? Does your husband view you as beautiful on the inside? This is the essence of submission. Submission is no cringing, mousy woman who is afraid of her own shadow. 

If a wife is not beautiful on the inside, she is not in the will of God. It makes no difference how much work she may do in the local church, she is still not in the will of God. If you are a raging, horrible, ugly woman inside, then your work amounts to little before God.

Anything that God highly values should be highly desirable to us. A woman like this is valuable to God. She is also valuable to her husband. Her non-Christian husband has never seen anything like this before. 

The woman who tries to make a fool of her husband in front of others makes a big mistake. This will send him packing to the golf links every day. A vindictive woman will cause him to stop at the local pub for a couple of bourbons every day.

A woman who understands her biblical role pleases her husband. She will go to some of the places he likes. She may learn something about football. She will change many of her friends caught up in the same narcissism that she had. She will develop a new appreciation for sex based on love. She operates on compatibility rather than self-orientation.

Are you quick on the verbal trigger? Then you are an ugly soul. No amount of jewelry, no hair-dresser, no dress will make up for that. 

God’s method for the wife to win her non-Christian husband, or her Christian husband for that manner, is to change her attitudes from negative to positive. Many women deck themselves in richly looking wardrobes but keep their inner person clothed in rags. Fur-bearing animals produce their beautiful fur from the inside. The Christian woman should depend upon the adornment from within – her spiritual life.