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“For ‘He who would love life”

And see good days,

Let him refrain his tongue from evil,

And his lips from speaking deceit.’”


For ‘He who would love life

Verses 10-12 are a quotation from Psalm 34:12-14. Let us look at the historic coloring of Psalm 34. This passage deals with one of the darkest times of David’s life. David, sought by Saul, fled into the territory of the Philistines. David was a threat to the Philistines because he defeated them in war. The Philistines brought him before their king, Achish. They would have killed him if it were not for the fact that he acted insanely. It was against Philistine culture to kill the insane. David departed Philistia to the cave of Adullam in the wilderness of Judah. His friends joined him. He played the role of phony. Note the last phrase of this verse “And his lips from speaking deceit.” David’s method of deception became the subject of Psalm 34. He got nothing but misery for this. 

“Love life” – there is a vast difference between living life to the full and mere existence.


God expects Christians to live life to the full.


Some Christians need a reminder that it is no sin to “love life.” This is how God created us. God provides for every situation in life. Life will have its reverses, but we can still love even though we live in the midst of reverses. 

Jesus came to give spiritual life (John 14:6) and abundant living (John 10:10). Jesus delivers us from ourselves. If we live for ourselves, we will never “love life” to the full. Are you cynical and disillusioned with life? Do you anticipate each day? If you do not, this may be an indication of a spiritual problem. A Christian can lose the quality of his life. Jesus can make our lives meaningful by living for God’s glory and man’s good.

Some people are disillusioned with life because they are not Christians. By going through life without Jesus Christ, people live for themselves and waste their lives. Jesus came to give us a purposeful life. Otherwise, we will go to old age sitting around waiting for the undertaker. 

Most people have nothing to look forward to beyond the grave. They feel shortchanged, and they are. Most people work, sleep, and play. That is the full orb of their living. Life is a treadmill for them. Like a workhorse, they plod through life. They die of boredom. They wish they could escape their dead lives. They have no high purpose for which they live. As soon as they get out of work, they stop at the bar to dull their feelings.

Throw yourself at the foot of the cross before you throw yourself at the foot of a train. Life with a capital “L” begins at Calvary (by believing that Jesus died for your sins).