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“But rejoice to the extent that you partake of Christ’s sufferings, that when His glory is revealed, you may also be glad with exceeding joy.”


you may also be glad

“Glad” means to enjoy a state of joy and well-being – to rejoice

“I rejoice as I suffer for you,” Col 1.24

“Although saddened, we are always rejoicing,” 2 Cor 6.10

“Glad” is the same word as “rejoice” in the first phrase of this verse. “Glad” is not a good translation because it may be understood as a superficial overt emotion from an outward stimulus. You buy a new car, and therefore you are “glad.” At another point, you graduate from college, and you are glad. Joy transcends gladness. Joy is an inner animation of the soul that bases its orientation on truth. 


Christian joy is not a superficial emotion but a jubilant celebration of the person of Christ.


A little boy was sailing his toy boat in the middle of a pond when the wind stopped, leaving the boat in the middle of the pond. An older boy came along and started throwing stones near the boat. The younger boy was much disturbed, but then he began to see that the waves moved the boat toward shore. God causes many waves to splash against our lives, but each wave is for our good. When we recognize that God causes the waves of our lives for a purpose, we know our suffering is for an ultimate divine design. 

When we realize that the purpose of our suffering is for the name of Christ, there will be a true celebration when Christ comes back again.