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“Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”



The word “all” here does not mean “every” burden but the whole of our burdens. The emphasis in this passage is not on casting each individual anxiety but on releasing the whole of one’s burdens on the Lord. He does not say, “Cast the big burdens and keep the little ones.”

“All” indicates that Christians face both a variety and significant amount of “anxiety:” issues revolving around personal, family, employment, future, friends.


We need to come to the place where we realize that God is utterly sufficient for any problem that may come into our lives.


Before we can experience God’s sufficiency, we need to realize our insufficiency to live the Christian life.

We should give the whole of our lives to God. God wants us to give Him the big burdens and the little burdens. We should deposit not only spiritual but material burdens with Him, and we do this not only part of the time but all of the time.

What anxiety are you carrying just now, child of God? What is your heartache? What grief do you bear today? What disappointment? What hurt feeling? Whatever the burden, cast it upon the Lord. God does not want you to carry that burden.

God does not want us to cast only certain kinds of anxiety upon Him; He wants us to throw everything upon Him. Give it all to Him.