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“She who is in Babylon, elect together with you, greets you; and so does Mark my son.”


She who is in Babylon

“She” may refer to a congregation with whom Peter is staying.

“Babylon” the city was almost non-existent in the time of Peter. It was located in what is now Iraq today, in the Mesopotamian valley. There is no evidence that Peter ever went to Babylon. He was, however, in Rome in the final years of his life. Silvanus and Mark were both colleagues whose ministry was nearer to the city of Rome.

“Babylon” may be a code name for the city of Rome. If Babylon does refer to Rome, Peter might have used this code name to protect the Asia Minor Christians from persecution. Rome became a catalyst for the persecution of Christians throughout the world.

John Mark also sent his greetings to the churches in Asia Minor. Paul located John Mark in Rome in an earlier concern (Colossians 4:10). This also gives evidence that Babylon is Rome.

elect together with you

“Elect” is a double compound word made up of three words: with, out of, and elect. “Elect” is a compound word meaning to being selected together with. “Elect” means called out together with others. An elect person is a person chosen together with someone else. God is the one who does the choosing.

This is a corporate word. We are part of one big family of God and our home is not of this world. Our home is heaven. God elected people from various parts of the Roman Empire to be His church (1:2). They would possess salvation and a relationship to God.

greets you

Churches should care for one another. They should love and pray for one another. Does your church have fellowship with other churches? Do you do things together?


The bond of Christ joins Christians everywhere.


Wherever Christians may live, they have a bond in Christ. Churches that are great distances apart should have an affinity for one another. Although distance separates them, they are one in Christ. We need to look over the fences of our narrow viewpoints and embrace other believers for the cause of Christ.

We are united by God’s common election. Continents may be separated by oceans, but they are parts of the same globe. In fact, under the ocean, continents blend into one.