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“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”


be multiplied to you

The word “multiplied” comes from the Greek word to fill. God wants grace and peace to fill our lives. It is one thing to have a measure of grace and peace, and it is quite another to have an abundance of grace and peace in our lives. Are grace and peace increasing in the ever-greater measure in your life? May God’s grace increase in extent and measure in your experience.

Grace and peace can sanctify us. The multiplication of grace and peace can revolutionize our lives.


The multiplication of grace and peace can revolutionize our lives.


Addition is one thing, and multiplication is another. We get there faster with multiplication than addition.

We can no longer live a Christian life without spiritual fuel than we can operate our car without some form of energy. We will not need much spiritual power if we do not go anywhere or do anything for the Lord. However, if we expend a vast amount of spiritual energy, we need to increase our spiritual fuel volume. The spiritual fuel here is grace and peace. We consume vast amounts of grace in serving the Lord (2 Co 12:9; He 4:16; Jas 4:6). When we “multiply” grace and peace, we ignite spiritual fuel for our Christian journey. We need great peace and settlement of soul while serving Him. The battle will wear us down without replenishment from the Lord.

One of the great benefits of financial stock is that it compounds its interest. Investment is one of the reasons that the rich get richer. Microsoft keeps getting bigger and bigger because its assets keep multiplying. Bill Gates’ wealth, the founder of Microsoft, as of this writing, is $40.530,400 billion. If I had as much money as Gates, I might be inclined occasionally to withdraw some of it to use right now. Some people let their wealth accumulate. God wants us to multiply grace and peace in our lives to use those blessings in time. Do you draw on your spiritual assets from time to time?

Spiritually, we are all spiritual billionaires. We can live on the interest of our capital in Christ. If you had Bill Gates’ money, you might occasionally withdraw enough to buy an ice cream cone! You may want to withdraw a few thousand to go on an extensive trip somewhere. No Christian should wait till they get to heaven before withdrawing their spiritual capital. Since your spiritual interest constantly accumulates (multiplies), why not treat yourself to something now? We can think about letting our spiritual capital sit or consider using it. Draw on your spiritual resources now! You will never run out of spiritual resources. They constantly accumulate.

We sometimes hear stories of people who beg for money but are enormously wealthy. As strange as this may seem, this is the problem with many Christians today. The prodigal son ate from the slop of pigs while his wealthy father waited for him at home. Why should we live like paupers? Clip your spiritual dividends. Draw on God’s unlimited resources. Every time we draw upon the knowledge of God, this opens the bank account of God’s grace. There is no way for grace to grow in our lives without knowledge of God. There is no substitute for knowing God’s Word.