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“As His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue.”


as His divine power

“As” is a marker of a reason – on the grounds that, because. Because God’s power has given us everything we need, we possess well-founded assurance to live the Christian life.

“Divine” means pertaining to God. Peter talks about the power pertaining to God. “Divine” speaks of the attributes of God. This is God seen from the standpoint of His attributes. “Divine” then is all that bears the stamp of God. It is what God is and especially what proceeds from Him. Here Peter sees God, especially from the attribute of power. Divine, then, means the manifested presence of God. It is the bloom of His character, His glory (Jn 1:14,18).

In the previous verse, Peter summons Christians to gain a “full knowledge” of God. In this verse, we now come to understand what he means. God is a God of power. That power is available to us. We have the possibility to address our problems beyond operation bootstraps.

The word for “power” here is an inherent power and refers to God’s potency. We enjoy built-in power to live the Christian life. God guarantees us the power to live in God’s strength. God makes it possible for us to win. God cannot be defeated.


There is a relationship between the power of God and the benefits of the Christian life.


The relationship between the believer and God is direct when it comes to living the Christian life. God’s power, His omnipotent power, is available to us for whatever we face in life.

From eternity, God thought about us in terms of His limitless power. He knew billions of years ago that you would accept Christ as your Savior. Knowing this, He set up a trust fund for you. This trust fund contains many spiritual assets to operate in life. God provided in eternity past every blessing we require for living the Christian life. God does not wait until you are in a jam and then try to figure out what to do for you.

There is nothing unstable about God. God established this trust fund in eternity past (Ep 1:4.5). God provided in such a way as to leave nothing out. He furnished everything we need for time and eternity.   He did this in His power. He has the ability to deliver it to us anytime we need it.