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“For he who lacks these things is shortsighted, even to blindness, and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sins.”


and has forgotten

“Forgotten” means forgetfulness. Literally, “forgotten” means to take forgetfulness or receive forgiveness.  Someone or something else gives this person amnesia.  Others influence him to become dull spiritually. This person cannot recall proper spiritual information and thus loses sight of the significance of the information.  He loses sight of the spiritual significance.

We get the English word lethal, lethargy, and the mythical river Lethe (which was supposed to cause forgetfulness of the past to those who drank of it) from the root of the Greek word for “forgotten.”

There is a progression here. First, we grow blind to spiritual things, and then we end up forgetting that God forgave us our sins. People in marriage can forget what caused them to love each other in the beginning.  The hurts that come between can distort their first love.

You might be in love and take on forgetfulness of that love. Something broke that love. Disorientation between those who loved each other led to problems like bitterness and antagonism. These things distort memories. Negative attitudes toward one another create a vacuum in their thinking. That vacuum sucks in negative attitudes.  That distorts the love of the past—the pleasant memories of the past fade away.  Something has happened to distort that love.

When we became Christians, a great love affair began. We loved God because of His grace and forgiveness to us. We recognized that everything depended on His provision for us. At the point where we tasted grace, the wonder of our love for God was great. Something happened to distort that love. We “took on forgetfulness.” We can come to the place where we forget all that. We are like those who never came to Christ.


Forgetfulness causes a vacuum in our souls toward God.


Some Christians are Christians for so long that they forgot they were ever non-Christians. They forget that they had a life BC, before Christ. This is spiritual complacency and lethargy. A person like this becomes a Christian and then goes to sleep as a Christian for the rest of their Christian life. He does not want to be disturbed. “Don’t wake me up. Please don’t bother me. I don’t want to get involved. Do not expect anything of me.”

Receiving forgetfulness is a process. We begin by stop studying the Word. We cannot discern the truth for our experience (2 Ti 2:15).