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“For this reason I will not be negligent to remind you always of these things, though you know and are established in the present truth.”


I will not be negligent

Peter is about to present a proposal with a purpose. “Will” means be about to, be on the point of. Peter’s idea is that he is and will be ever ready to remind Christians of God’s Word. Peter will die, but the truth will continue. Even though he is about to die, Second Peter will live for centuries to come.

Second Peter still speaks to us in the twenty-first century. No pastor can afford to build his ministry on personality, some human system, or a gimmick. He must construct his church on the eternal Word of God.

Peter’s purpose is to remind the Asia Minor Christians of “truth.” Every pastor must come to this point sooner or later.


Leaders must diligently lead their people toward the truth of God’s Word.


Many of us operate under the delusion that anything is good enough for the Savior. We preach and sing without adequate preparation. Our attitude is “Anything is good enough for the Lord as long as it is sincere.” The idea is that “you don’t have to be adequate as long as you are earnest; you do not need to be properly equipped to serve the Lord.” How would you like your surgeon to remove your appendix with that attitude? God’s work should be no hobby, whereby we give Him the outer edge of our spare time.

It is an appalling fact today that Christian leaders care less about the truth they believe and more about the pragmatics of their ministry. This attitude will erode Christianity into bland religion. Leaders should serve with excellence to the truth of God’s Word as well as the pragmatics of ministry.