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“And many will follow their destructive ways, because of whom the way of truth will be blasphemed.”


will be blasphemed

False teachers lead many into debauchery and this brings Christendom into disrepute.   Satan spawns these false teachers to malign the truth of the Word of God.

We can tell whether teaches are true to the truth by what they think of the person and work of Christ. In the first verse they “deny the Lord that bought them.” Tell me what you think of Christ and His work, and I will tell you whether you are true to the truth of Scripture. If you say simply that “He is a wonderful teacher, a profound scholar or the greatest philosopher the world has ever seen,” you miss the point. Affirming the ethics of Jesus, the greatest code of ethics the world has ever seen, is fine but it is not to the point.

If Jesus is not God Almighty, He is the biggest faker on earth. If He is not who He claimed to be, we cannot believe anything He ever said. No, the Lord Jesus, the Lord of Glory, is a member of the Trinity. He is not one of three gods. He is God who exists in one essence. He is God and in His humanity he died for our sins.


We learn the way of truth from the Word of God.


We learn the way of truth from the Word of God. We would not know anything about salvation if it were not for the Bible. Man does not want a salvation that excludes other religions. He wants a salvation that includes everyone and tolerates all beliefs so he invents new religions and says, “I take my chances with my religious invention.”

Christian is under attack from both the outside and the inside. It is under attack from secularists, atheists and false religionists from the outside. These groups undermine the truth of Christianity. Those who hoist their flag of false teaching and make their teaching clearly known are not nearly as dangerous as those who hide what they believe.

The second attack upon Christianity is from within. These are spiritual termites within Christendom. These people still want to be called “Christian” yet they deny the essentials of Christianity.