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“…and delivered righteous Lot, who was oppressed by the filthy conduct of the wicked”


and delivered righteous Lot

God “delivered” Noah, now Peter alludes to another deliverance, Lot’s deliverance from the city of Sodom. “Delivered” means that God rescued Lot from the sins of Sodom.

“Righteous Lot” does not necessarily refer to his moral character. It refers to his judicial standing before God. Lot stood justified before God eternally. We would never suspect this from reading the book of Genesis.

who was oppressed

“Oppressed” means tormented, distressed with the implication of being worn out by this experience in a homosexual community. The New Testament uses this word two times, here and Acts 7:24. Lot was tormented by the overwhelming degradation all around him. This depravity overcame him and exhausted him.

Homosexuality tortured Lot’s soul. Lot was distressed by the lawless sin of Sodom. Their sin wore him down because it exhausted his sense of right and wrong. The homosexuality of Sodom tormented and vexed his soul.

by the filthy conduct of the wicked

The word “wicked” means lawless, unprincipled (here and 3:17). The papyri use this term for a father who breaks off his daughter’s engagement because he learned that her fiancé gave himself over to lawlessness. This person refuses to be subjected to legal requirements. He is unruly and does not comply with the law. These “wicked” people live a life of disgrace. They have little sense of decency. They are “past feeling” (Eph 4:19).

“Filthy” means sexually debauched (2:2). These people live like dogs morally and have little sense of shame. “Filthy” means to refuse to be subject to a legal requirement. This is a lawless person, unruly. Lot was troubled by the lawlessness of the people of Sodom. The word “filthy” carries the idea of unprincipled (here and 2 Pe 3:17). 

Homosexuality is a state of anarchy toward God. Homosexuality leads to lawlessness. They love to make a law out of their own abnormality. They want to call homosexuality normal. However, homosexuality is outside God’s law. It is a perversion of the institution of marriage. Sodom and Gomorrah lived under mob violence as well.


God sometimes protects the believer from assaults.


Homosexuality is an assault both on God and humanity. Sometimes only God can deliver us from the assault of this society.