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“…(for that righteous man, dwelling among them, tormented his righteous soul from day to day by seeing and hearing their lawless deeds)— …”


Verse eight is parenthetic and interprets verse seven. This verse explains the personal torture that Lot went through in Sodom.

(for that righteous man

Lot was a man of God, although his life sometimes did not manifest this.

dwelling among them

“Dwelling” comes from three words (to live, down, and in) means to live down among. The word “dwelling” then carries the idea of settling down permanently in a community. Lot settled down in homosexual culture. He lived there as a fixed dwelling or habitation. He made his home there. He felt at ease among homosexuals and enjoyed their company. His social life was with them.


When we compromise our standards because we enjoy the company of perverse people, we put people over conviction.


Why did Lot not move from Sodom before he got into so much trouble? “What? And lose his job!” Which would you rather lose, your job or your wife? (Don’t answer that question!!).

When we develop a process of thinking that lowers our standards, we end in trouble. First, we think people are friendly, although their sin is a perversion. Then eventually, we believe that their sin is not so bad. The logic goes something like this, “Since they are nice people, their sin must not be so bad.” Therefore, we go along with the sins of sodomy because we like people.

Are you in an environment of sin and feel comfortable there? You would rather switch than fight. This thinking puts maudlin thinking over conviction from God’s Word.