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“…having eyes full of adultery and that cannot cease from sin, enticing unstable souls. They have a heart trained in covetous practices, and are accursed children.”


having eyes full of adultery

“Having eyes full of adultery” is literally having eyes full of an adulteress. They think only of adultery when they see women.

When these false teachers reject the Bible, they also reject the standards for the Bible’s morality. There are no true absolutes outside the Bible. Apostasy and immorality are twins; they journey together hand in hand.

We commit adultery with our “eyes” before committing adultery with our body (Mark 5:28; Lam 3:51). Men love to ogle women. They leer at them. Some women, knowing this, dress to draw sexual attention to themselves.

This is not overt adultery but the adultery of the heart. The “eye” is the window to the soul. Some people would never commit physical adultery, but they are involved in heavy and extensive mental adultery. The word “having” indicates that this is ongoing mental adultery.

Note that their eyes were “full” of adultery. Their eyes were satiated with mental adultery. Their eyes reach the full measure of mental adultery. They are satiated with adultery but not satisfied sexually.

and that cannot cease from sin

They are inane in their sin. They cannot stop sinning. False teachers cannot stop their orientation to adultery. Their wills are unable to stop. They are inveterate sinners and cannot help but follow their belief systems. Their built-in belief system that manifests itself in a lifestyle that matches their beliefs.


What we believe and what we do are twins.


Some churches smile on immorality. Sadly, even churches will not hold to biblical standards. Some people look for churches that will justify their sin.

Somewhere between the cradle and the grave, these people must be confronted with the gospel. There is no hope for them otherwise. Otherwise, they cannot cease from sin. Their lust patterns are so inveterate and built-in that they cannot stop sinning. Their belief-system keeps them from victory over sin.

Christians who allow themselves to become sated with mental adultery are headed for spiritual disaster. God has given Christians the power to overcome sin (Ro 6:14).