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“…and I will give him the morning star


and I will give him the morning star

Jesus gives a second promise to victorious Christians. He will give them “the morning star,” fellowship with the Lord Jesus Himself.

The “morning star” emerges just before dawn. The victor will not only share in the rights of a victor, but he will enter into deep fellowship with Christ Himself when He comes again. Jesus gives special wisdom to conquering Christians about Himself. In eternity, our occupation and adoration will be the person of Christ. This is ultimate happiness.


Christians will share in the glory of King Jesus.


Jesus says that He is the “bright and morning star” (22:16). Jesus will come to get His own before He comes to receive His kingdom. This may be a promise of the rapture of the church. Jesus will come for His own before He sets up His kingdom. Those who love Him look for that day with anticipation.