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“For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake”


and in much assurance,

We have the word “in” for the fourth time in this verse (the “in” is implied here). The gospel communicators came with conviction when they came to Thessalonica.

The Thessalonians came to the full conviction, certain that the gospel was truly from God, because the communicators were true to the Word, came in the power of the message, and the dynamic of the Holy Spirit. They did not waver with doubt. They came with clear convictions. They willingly committed their eternal future to this message.

The gospel moved the will of the Thessalonians and it can move the will of the lost in our day. Not only will it touch the choice but also it will move the person to a point of “much assurance,” or full conviction. The gospel will put a solid conviction into the souls of those who believe it. Since the Thessalonians knew the power of the gospel by what it had done for them, they had full confidence in it. They were sold on their product. They shared the gospel with authority.


People who powerfully advance the gospel in the world are people of strong conviction.


Do you know what the gospel did for you, to you, and in you? Are you sold on what you believe? Salespeople who believe in their product make great communicators. Christians who believe in their message become very effective at advancing the cause of Christ in the world.

Confidence comes from the Holy Spirit. We know He is working through us. Because of this, doubt does not paralyze a person who has faith in the Christian message. We carry unfaltering confidence and personal conviction in the power of the Holy Spirit to do His work through us.

Even shy wallflowers and timid mice can be confident in witnessing because of their confidence in the gospel. Once a person meets Jesus Christ, he or she is no longer Mr. or Ms. Ordinary Person. A believer is an ambassador who represents the Lord Jesus Christ and should never share Christ with an apologetic attitude.

How is it possible to apologize for the Son of God? We can communicate with the utmost confidence because of what we know about the gospel and its power.

If we are uncertain about what we believe, we will not convince others of our message. If we change our position with every fad or opinion poll, we do not have any message but the message of uncertainty. It is crucial to clarify our personal convictions. If people are unsure about what we believe, they will not accept our message.

My book Certainty, a Place to Stand, deals with the subject of certainty and its implications on culture.