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“…night and day praying exceedingly that we may see your face and perfect what is lacking in your faith?”


night and day

Paul and his partners prayed for the Thessalonians night and day. The team offered a consistent prayer for these people, believing that God would answer their prayers. The Thessalonians were hardly ever out of their prayers.

praying exceedingly

The word “praying” means to desire, to long for. Paul asks with a sense of urgency that he might see the Thessalonians face to face.

“Exceedingly” is a double compound word emphasizing the intensity of the prayers of the gospel team. Paul’s prayer was fervent. The word “exceedingly” expresses strong praying – superabundant praying. He prayed beyond normal measure for this request. This is an extraordinary prayer over what one would normally pray. Paul prayed with extensive earnestness.


Some situations need extraordinary, superabundant praying.


Have you ever entered extraordinary, superabundant praying? If not, try it. Carve out extra time for this special need in your life or the life of someone else and pray “exceedingly.”