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“…and to esteem them very highly in love for their work’s sake. Be at peace among yourselves“


and to esteem them

The word “esteem” primarily signifies to lead before the mind, guide the mind, then to account, consider, esteem. God wants us to hold a high view of church leadership. As church leaders rule over the congregation, the congregation is to rule over their minds when it comes to esteem its leaders.

very highly

Congregations are to hold their leaders in high esteem. It is easier to hold leaders in lower esteem than higher. The words “very highly” mean exceeding abundantly. When it comes to esteeming church leadership, the Word of God uses superlative terms.


Christian leaders deserve superlative distinction for the sake of their office.


Leadership has the right of superabundant respect. This is an area where we can legitimately go beyond measure to an extraordinary degree. “When it comes to respecting for church leadership, go to an extraordinary degree.” Congregations who hold leaders to this measure of degree will have dynamic ministries.