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“…and all the brethren who are with me, To the churches of Galatia…”


and all the brethren who are with me,

Paul’s companions joined with Paul in sending the book of Galatians (Acts 13:1). It was not only Paul who held to the message of grace.

To the churches

The word “church” means called out ones. The church consists of those called out from the world. The church is not a building or a denomination but an assembly of believers who meet together to worship.

of Galatia

Paul designates this epistle to the church in the southern region of the province of Galatia. He wanted this letter to circulate among all the churches in that area, including such cities as Derbe, Lystra, Iconium, and Antioch of Pisidia. This is the only letter sent to a group of cities in the New Testament. The insidious corruption of legalism spread extensively into many cities.

Paul gives no word of commendation of praise or thanks to the churches in Galatia as he usually does in other epistles. This is because they were gullible in swallowing false doctrine. Paul even praised the carnal Christians at Corinth but not the Galatians.


Grace is the foundation for the gospel and the Christian life.


Some people think that the doctrine of grace is not essential. If we abandon the grace principle, it destroys salvation by grace through faith and sanctification by grace through faith.