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“Yet not even Titus who was with me, being a Greek, was compelled to be circumcised.”


Yet not even Titus who was with me,

The reason Paul brought Titus to Jerusalem was to present him to the Council as a test case. This was a bold step on Paul’s part, an open confrontation with the legalists. The heart of the Judaizer’s position was circumcision, which was the true sign of being a Jew. Titus was a living example of someone who became a Christian without circumcision. All the legalists had to do to win their case was to convince the Council to circumcise Titus. This they did not do.

being a Greek,

The word “Greek” does not mean native people from Greece but a Gentile who participates in the Greek culture and speaks Greek, the Roman Empire’s common language. Greek and Gentile became interchangeable terms. A Gentile is anyone not a Jew.

was compelled to be circumcised

Certain people pressured Titus to become circumcised as a part of becoming a Christian, but the Council concluded that he didn’t need to be circumcised. They affirmed Paul’s position on the gospel of grace. This decision was a crucial watershed of the Christian faith because the Council affirmed Gentile converts as truly Christian. This was also important for the church at Antioch of Syria, for it was the center of Gentile ministry throughout the world. Paul’s success at the Jerusalem Council opened the gospel to the Gentiles.


A core value of Christianity is to stand for truth.


Very few people seem willing to take a stand on the truth of the gospel these days. Christians have almost concluded that it is wrong to confront false teaching. Both Jesus and the apostles constantly confronted false teaching. Tolerance was not the norm for first-century Christianity.