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“Therefore He who supplies the Spirit to you and works miracles among you, does He do it by the works of the law, or by the hearing of faith?—”


Now Paul draws an inference to his three questions about how the Galatians came to faith (Ga 3:2-4). 


The “therefore” here is an inference drawing a conclusion from the three questions about the Galatians’ faith in the finished work of God. Paul returns to the question of verse 2 and concludes his argument from experience by emphasizing God’s work rather than theirs. If someone has received salvation through faith in Christ at the moment of belief and has the work of the Spirit currently in them, why revert to human meritorious effort or legalism? The Galatians denied the verifiable fact that they were baptized with the Spirit at the point of their salvation.

He who supplies the Spirit to you

The word “supplies” means to supply fully, abundantly. Secular Greek literature used this term for a wealthy sponsor who provided enormous funds to operate Greek plays. The Holy Spirit is a grant from God. God, in His incredible generosity, gave the Galatians more than they deserved. God is a Provider.

and works miracles among you,

God worked apostolic miracles among the Galatians (Acts 14:3,8-11). Galatians was an early book of the New Testament. God used apostolic miracles to give credibility to the New Testament. His ability to provide us with whatever we need humbles us.

does He do it by the works of the law,

Christians do not have to earn God’s favor or grace. Legalism implies that God begrudges what He gives us. God is more than willing to provide us with what we need.

or by the hearing of faith?

God is no miser, as the legalists would have it. We do not have to bribe Him for blessings. We appropriate by faith what He has provided to help us live the Christian life.


God is a generous provider.


We operate by faith because we believe God is a generous provider. The Christian can confidently appeal to God’s grace to provide what he needs for Christian living. Faith sustains our spirituality. We can forgive others as Christ forgave us. We do not bribe God for blessings; He gives blessings of His free will. By faith, we accept what He provides.