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“For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.”


Paul now contrasts living under law and grace. The believer under grace has three benefits. We see the first benefit in this verse.

For you

Note that Paul switches back to the second person, “you.” He now includes both Jewish and Gentile Christians in his statements here.

are all sons of God

The first benefit of living under grace is believers become “sons” of God. The word “sons” (υἱός) here means full-grown sons. This is a much stronger term than “children” of God. When a child reached the age of adulthood, his father would give him a toga virilis (a coat of manhood). Now, his son could function with all the privileges of adulthood. The “son” was no longer bound by the slave tutor (the law).

Note the word “all.” This means every person who becomes a child of God becomes a full-grown son of God (Ga 4:6).

through faith in Christ Jesus

Now that Christ has come, all believers hold special privilege before God “through faith.” We receive the right of adult status with God by faith, not works.

This verse does not put a period after the words “sons of God.” The Bible does not say everyone in the world is a son of God. True, all are creatures of God but not sons of God. Being creatures of God does not mean we are God’s children. No one is a child of God without placing faith exclusively in Christ Jesus. Those who do not exercise faith in Christ are mere creatures of God, just like a bird or dog. They do not have a personal relationship with God.


The New Testament believer has adult privileges with God.


In New Testament salvation, Christians hold adult privileges. Our status with God rests on faith in Christ, not our works. We do not gain God’s approbation by what we do. We have it by what Christ did. We have it by faith.