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“Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness…” 


Now the works of the flesh are evident, 

The works of the flesh are open to sight so that they are plainly visible and manifest.  Carnality is apparent to all and plain to see.  The flesh will display itself palpably by its works.  We can assess the kind of tree by its fruits.  Notice the striking contrast between “works” and “fruit” (Ga 5:22).  There are the works of the flesh and the fruit of the Spirit.  Work is an effort, but fruit comes naturally from within. 


Works testify to what a person is. 


What is the basis for your values?  Some older people operate on memory to establish their values.  They accept values passed down from previous generations.  They are plastic people without forming core convictions for themselves. Why should they follow those traditions if they have no ultimate authoritative source for them?  Although absolutes are in vogue to this group, they do not hold them with conviction because they believe that man is simply a machine, a product of chance. If there are no absolutes, why hold to any morality?  The only possible morality left in our generation is the morality of preferences of a given society at a given time.   

No wonder people of this generation reject the values of the previous generations.  If the older generations thrust aside the basis for absolute morality [the Bible], then why hold to the absolute values of the Bible?  The newer generation’s morality is more consistent with the conclusion that there is no revelation from God.  Morality, to them, is just personal preference.  A school teacher can violate one of her students sexually, and many people will not bat an eye.  

If we accept the premise that God spoke through the Bible, then we can authoritatively hold to absolutes.  If this is so, we no longer sail on a sea without a shore because universal principles would hold true regardless of time or culture.  We can affirm that murder, pedophilia, adultery, and fornication are wrong because there is a God who holds these values.  

North American is in a transition away from its Christian legacy.  Although we still benefit from that legacy, there will come a time when that legacy expires.  When it does, chaotic values will dominate, and society will pay the price.  People will cheat on the ones they love the most.  They will lie to the people they relate to the closest.