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“Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another”


Paul lays out a challenge to believers in Galatians to not allow tension to develop because of spiritual pride (legalism always fosters pride).

Let us not become conceited,

Paul begins with a negative exhortation to not allow ourselves to become conceited. The word “conceited” means to glory without cause. It is an empty glory because we cannot justify our glory. This is a falsely proud person.

A “conceited” person operates at the polar opposite of God’s plan for creation – to manifest God’s glory because of His grace. This glory is not our own but His.

”Conceited” means empty glory. These are people who live in vacuous illusions about themselves. They portray themselves as bigger and better than everyone else, but there is no basis for their claims. They think that they are more spiritual, whereas they are arrogant legalists.


Conceit turns the tables on God’s plan for creation to seek credit for self rather than God.


Pride and ambition always seek to be more important, richer, and wiser than anyone else. Is your aim as a Christian to be more valuable than other believers around you?

Some Christians are more interested in portraying their status symbols than in fellowship with others. The idea is that they want to be on top of the pile. They seek honor for selfish reasons. They want the credit for everything that happens around them.

There is no church big enough for some egos who want to better than everyone else. They lug unadulterated pride into their church. Christianity is no platform for self-portrayal. What right do we have to usurp the glory of God?