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“Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another”


envying one another

A person who envies is a person who begrudges another person’s benefit. This is a person who bears ill will and malice toward real or presumed advantage experienced by someone else. These people consume themselves with rank and station in their church or other Christian organizations.


Stronger types get provoked at pride while weaker types envy the apparent pride of others.


If God has a purpose for our lives and specially gifted us, why do we envy others? Is it that we cannot accept the will of God for us? In this case, we do not want God’s plan for us; we want our plan for us.

We must choose between carnality and spirituality. We cannot live half spiritual and half carnal. It is either/or, not both. We cannot be carnal and spiritual simultaneously. Consecutively, yes. Simultaneously, no. God’s plan for us is to allow the Holy Spirit to control us completely, not with our sinful passions and desires.