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“…for he observes himself, goes away, and immediately forgets what kind of man he was”


what kind of man he was

The word “kind” means sort or quality. This man looked into the mirror and saw clearly he had a character flaw, but he neglected the Word and moved on. He does not allow the Word to make any impact on his character. He does not want to change his character because it might affect some value he holds dearly, contrary to God’s plan for his life.


The Christian life goes beyond appearance to character.


The only way we can truly see ourselves through God’s eyes is to look into the mirror of God’s Word carefully. If we do not know we have cancer, we will not go for surgery. If a non-Christian does not see herself as sinful, she will see no need for a Savior. If a Christian does not see her sin, she will not confess sin.

The spiritual Christian wants to go beyond appearances to the reality of what she is. Appearance is one thing, but reality is another. Today, we live in a superficial society that concerns itself very little with reality. Appearances are everything. A spiritual Christian concerns herself more with what she is than how she appears.