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“You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.”


We come to the fourth indictment against the sinfully wealthy. First, these wealthy men 1) hoarded riches, 2) acquired their wealth by fraud, 3) used their wealth wrongfully, and finally 4) they legally oppress and even kill poor workers through the “judicial” system. 

You have condemned, you have murdered the just;

The “just” person here is the worker who deserves corresponding pay for equal work. The sinfully wealthy condemn and murder the “just” through corrupt courts of law. 

What began as a sin of greed ends with murder.  Opulent attitudes lead to murder because the scandalously wealthy do not want anyone standing in the way of their personal pleasure, so they take the just to court. 

he does not resist you

The small employee does not resist the mighty employer because he has no power. These employers do what they do with impunity


God designed the laws of national establishment to protect the freedom of the just. 


A nation must have just laws to protect its citizens. Citizens need guarantees of basic freedoms. This is why God ordained national entities. A nation cannot provide freedom for its citizens without laws of establishment. God designed the national entities of the world to provide laws of protection and freedom. 

Some wealthy people destroy the laws of a national entity by bribing judges. They will not stop at anything to gain more power. That is why good law requires objective judges blind to prejudice. When the wealthy destroy laws of establishment by bribes, they pull the rug out from under the whole system.