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And whatever we ask we receive from Him, because we keep His commandments and do those things that are pleasing in His sight.”


We come to the second benefit of a confident heart.  We have the confidence to ask things from God in prayer.

And whatever we ask

The idea here is continual asking day after day.  John qualifies this phrase by the two following conditions in this verse. 

we receive from Him,

There are two stipulations to answered prayer that follow in this verse.  God grants answers to prayer based on the prayer meeting His will. Firstly, the prayer must follow the principles of the Word, and secondly, the prayer must seek to please Him.  The believer in fellowship wants to please the Lord.  He does not demand from the Lord.  His prayers are in the will of God, so God answers him according to his biblical prayers. 


Obedience to God’s will and desire to please Him are the conditions but not the merit for answered prayer. 


The conditions for answered prayer rest on six principles:

  1. The prayer must be offered in Christ’s name (Jn 16:23-24).
  2. The prayer must be for God’s glory (Ja 4:2-3).
  3. The prayer must not be for sinful purposes (Ps 66:18).
  4. The prayer must be from a forgiven soul (Mk 11:25).
  5. The prayer must be asked by faith (Mt 21:22).
  6. The prayer must result in doing God’s will (our verse).

There are some things that we do not give our children because they might spoil them.  That is the prerogative of the parent.  It is for their good that we do not give them everything they ask for.  God cannot afford to give some of us success because it might ruin our Christian lives.  God answers every prayer that has to do with Christian development or spirituality that is prayed in His will.