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“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”


and knows [acknowledges] God

There is a definite relationship between the filling of the Spirit and fellowship with God.  The word “knows” conveys the idea of a fellowship of communion.  The Greek word for “know” is to know experientially.  We can learn about relating to God when the Holy Spirit fills us.  We can absorb the truth of who God is; He is a God of love. 


The believer in fellowship with God loves with love not natural to him; he loves with God’s love. 


The believer in fellowship shows love not natural to him.  It is a love that proceeds from his faith and walk with God.  Any so-called walk with God that does not love with God’s love is not born out of fellowship with God. 

Divine love comes only through the filling of the Spirit and knowledge of the truth.  A carnal Christian does not love with knowledge of the Word because he is not consistently in the Word.  Almost all we know of God is found in the Scriptures, so we cannot love God unless we understand Him.  Some people cannot discern a creep from a noble person.  Experiential knowledge of the Word (the ability to apply principle to experience]) enables the spiritual believer to love with God’s love.