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”For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth.”


For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified

Christians from Asia Minor came to testify to John of the truth that is in Gaius.  Traveling missionaries and evangelists flowed from the Christian community to the Christian community. 

There were no missionary boards in the first century.  These were entities of the remote future.  Ramada Inns and MacDonald restaurants were not in vogue yet.  There was little support for missionaries and traveling teachers.  People compensated for this by providing hospitality and limited financial support for these people.

of the truth that is in you,

John commended Gaius as a man of the truth.  He was not like Diotrephes, who did not walk according to the truth. 

just as you walk in the truth

Gaius’ life was consistent with truth.  His walk matched his talk.  He walked according to the reality of the Word of God.  He was a man of integrity


Testimony of living a consistent Christian life blesses many. 


It is wonderful to hear the testimonies of integrity in ministry.  It seems that all we hear are stories of failure in ministry.  The few horror stories overshadow multiplied untold stories of sacrifice and blessing. 

Some people do not want to hear the good news because bad news makes them look good.  Some Christians develop a rival attitude toward those successful in ministry.   They have malicious feelings of ill will when they hear about something good in someone else.  They hear of the success in another ministry, and they turn green with envy.  “Hey, tell me more.  This makes me feel good.  When it comes to gossip, I am all ears.”  The sin capacity feeds on this garbage. 

Mature Christians rejoice when they hear that someone walks “in the truth.”