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“Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.”


Moreover it is required in stewards

There is a requirement for “stewards.” The term “required” is strong.

that one be found faithful.

The one requirement for stewards is that they be “found faithful.” “Faithful” carries the idea of being trustworthy or reliable. A faithful person is a person upon whom God can rely for service. God will search our soul to find something; that one thing for which He looks is faithfulness. In context, faithfulness toward God’s truth – the “mysteries” of 4:1 – is at stake.


God has one obligation for stewards.


The essential question in ministry is not how eloquent or profound a person may be or how captivating he may be as a speaker of God’s revelation. Fidelity to God’s message and plan is His one essential requirement. God does not expect us to be more than we are. All He requests of us is to ask ourselves, “Am I doing what I can with what I have?” We need to ask ourselves, “Am I executing the supernatural endowments (gifts) God has given me to do His work.” Is this our one controlling interest? Am I a reliable steward? Can God count on me? He will not ask, “What was your experience? What is your ability?”